The First Minute Tour South Africa 2024

Join us as the acclaimed Multi-Award-Winning Author and Speaker, Chris Fenning, brings his life-changing training sessions to you from February 12 to 23, 2024. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Chris has worked with companies like

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20 Feb - 39 Ways to Make Training Stick
21 Feb - The First Minute

Cape Town

13 Feb - The First Minute Workshop
15 Feb - 39 Ways to Make Training Stick




The First Minute

His multi award winning book “The First Minute” is revolutionising the way companies and people communicate with its practical tips and advice. 

R300 per Book, including VAT and Shipping

The Course Breakdown

As part of “The First Minute” tour 2024 by award-winning author Chris Fenning, we will be hosting a workshop based on two of the topics that Chris is known for:

• The First Minute
• Smart Status Updates
If you want to get to the point, avoid rambling introductions, and have clearer communication, this workshop is ideal.

Plus, with so much time spent updating people on the status of our work, doing it well helps you to stand out as a great communicator.

Imagine if you could:

• Stop people rambling (other people and yourself!)
• Get to the point quickly and clearly
• Summarise complex topics in just a few short lines
• Never need to guess what update people what to hear about
• Give shorter updates that get fewer follow up questions
• Be recognised as a great communicator

In this workshop:
The First Minute: Attendees will learn simple yet powerful methods for starting any work conversation, meeting or email. The framing and GPS methods are taught in an interactive way using examples from the audience’s current work. Attendees leave with a tool they can immediately apply to their work and with a better understanding of how to be clear and concise.

Smart Status Updates: Attendees will learn how to summarise complex topics, how to give status updates on the topics the audience cares about, and avoid the pain of digging into the history of every problem.
If your teams regularly provide verbal or written status updates, especially to a senior audience, this talk is for them.

These sessions are practical, workshop based and guaranteed to improve the way your organisations meetings flow, by getting the results you desire!

08:30 – Welcome
08:45 – Workshop part 1 – The First Minute
10:00 – Break
10:30 – Panel discussion
11:00 – Workshop part 2 – Smart Status Updates
12:00 – Networking and book signing


39 Ways to Make Training Stick

Chris’ latest book on how to make training ‘stick’. He’s exploring the practicality of how to let people remember what you said.

R300 per Book, including VAT and Shipping

The Course Breakdown

As part of “The First Minute” tour 2024 by award-winning author Chris Fenning, we will be hosting a workshop based on his new book “39 ways to make training stick”.

Do you want your training to have a lasting and unforgettable impact?

Are you tired of seeing your trainees slip back into old habits soon after the training is over?

If yes, you need the 39 ways to make training stick. This workshop is a practical guide to well … make training stick!

  • Discover the 8 categories and 39 unique ways to make training stick.
  • Find the approach that works for you, for your topic, and for your trainees.
  • Design your first “Make training stick” method.
  • Leave with at least one tangible solution you can implement right away.

What will You Learn?

See how Chris explains what he will be teaching on. Learn the art of effective communication.

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